Model Section Award

Model Section Award Winners

All Sections with their associated activities are what really nourish the Academy. Model Sections are those with active Chairperson involvement who consistently raise the bar on their Section’s activities and are involved at the International level. The Model Section Award was established in 2014. The award is presented to acknowledge and encourage Sections and their Chairs to pursue activities that meet and exceed the goals and objectives of the Academy. The Awards are presented to the Section Chair of the Model Section during the Annual Awards Luncheon of the Academy during the Annual Meeting.

Sections may voluntarily apply for recognition by completing the Model Section Award Application. The Awards Committee will review each application against pre-established standards and determine if the Section meets minimum requirements in all areas. Sections that meet standards will be designated as Model Sections and recognized at the Academy’s Annual Awards Luncheon. The standards are subject to change.

Model Section/Chairperson Qualities:

  • Show continued Academy growth by seeking and nominating qualified dentists for Fellowship

  • Hold annual section meetings conducting business and inducting new Fellows

  • Recognize both the Academy and Foundation Student Scholarship and/or other Section award recipients

  • Communicate within the Section: newsletters, email and social media

  • Communicate outside the Section: to their respective regional Trustee, Executive Director and Dental World Editor so that Section Activiteis are posted on and/or published in Dental World

  • Apply and hopefully attain a Foundation Section service grant for a project or event which usually involves Section Fellows; and/or provide a separate Section grant themselves

  • Attend the PFA Annual Meeting to interact with the Academy’s Officers and Trustees and the Foundation’s Officers and Trustees

  • Attend the annual PFA Section Caucus to interact and share current activities, program, new ideas and successes (thus helping to strengthen all Sections)

  • Attend the PFA Annual Gala — our signature event– demonstrating a continued commitment to the Academy’s ideal by honoring the profession’s best