Past Recipients

Kathryn Kell
Jeffrey Okeson
Patricia Blanton
Michael Cohen
John C. Kois
Carol G. Summerhays
Henry A. Gremillion
Connie M. Verhagen
Peter E. Dawson
Terry T. Tanaka
Jed J. Jacobson
Jeanne C. Sinkford
Eugene Sekiguchi
Marjorie K. Jeffcoat
Richard E. Bradley
Rex Ingraham
Dushanka V. Kleinman
Linda Niessen
Harald Loe
Minoru Horiuchi
Richard G. Shaffer
Harold C. Slavkin
James P. Vernetti
James B. Edwards
E. Bud Tarrson
John L. Bomba
Arthur A. Dugoni
Norman H. Olsen
George J. Higue
Lewis S. Earle
Gordon J. Christensen
L. M. Kennedy
Clifford F. Loader
John Dibiaggio
Joseph A. Devine
Howard A. Hartman
F. Harold Wirth
J. Murray Gavel
Ralph R. Lopez
John M. Coady
Charles A. Mccallum
Harold C. Hodge
Clifton O. Dummett
Ralph W. Phillips
Basil G. Bibby
Donald J. Galagan
Wallace D. Armstrong
Paul E. Boyle
Joseph F. Volker
Alvin L. Morris
Phillip E. Blackerby
Seymour J. Kreshover
Dorothy G. Hard
Robert B. Shira
Maynard K. Hine
George C. Paffenbarger
Harold Hillenbrand
Donald A. Kerr
Lester R. Cahn
Oren A. Oliver
George M. Hollenback
Joseph L. Bernier
Frederick C. Elliot
Percy T. Phillips
Hermann Becks
Philip Jay
Louis H. Renfrow
Lester W. Burket
Elmer S. Best
(1954 Posthumously)
Percy C. Lowery
Dentists In The Armed Forces
Lester C. Hunt
Kurt H. Thoma
Hamilton B. G. Robinson
M. Don Clawson
C. Raymond Wells
L. Pierce Anthony
Harvey J. Burkhart
Alfred Walker
Arthur D. Black
Alfred Fones
Arthur H. Merritt
Percy R. Howe
Russell W. Bunting
George Eastman
Thaddeaus P. Hyatt

Fauchard Gold Medal Award

The Pierre Fauchard Academy awards the Fauchard Gold Medal annually to a person who has made outstanding contributions to the progress and standing of the dental profession. The recipient is nominated by the Committee of Past Recipients which includes all living past recipients of the medal and must be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Medal is presented at the time of the Awards Luncheon during the Annual Session of the American Dental Association. The recipient must have a dental degree or it’s equivalent and reside in the United States of America.