Any Fellow in good standing may “Sponsor” a dentist to become a PFA Fellow. Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy is by invitation only.
Please use this form to nominate a qualified dentist for Fellowship into the PFA.

Requirements for Fellowship:

  • Candidates must be nominated by an Active or Life Fellow in good standing.

  • A candidate in the United States must be an ethical member in good standing of the American Dental Association or similar dental organization. Internationally, a candidate shall be an ethical member in good standing of their national dental association or similar dental organization.

  • A candidate shall have graduated from an accredited dental school.

  • A candidate shall have rendered outstanding contributions and service to the advancement of the art and science of dentistry and to society.

  • The candidate shall adhere to the purpose and objectives of the Academy.

Nominee Information

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Sponsor Information

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What’s Next?

Submitting this form sends it to the International Office where the reviewing process begins, it is then forwarded to your nominee's Section Chair where the Section Credentials Committee will complete the review focusing on identifying worthy achievements, past and potential future leadership and meritorious service to the profession, community and society. The Section Chair is responsible for inviting an approved nominee to be inducted at the Sections Induction Ceremony or may alternatively invite them to be inducted at a Regional Induction or International Induction Ceremony that may be held concurrently with a large dental meeting i.e. ADA, CDA, FDI, IDS, GNYDM, Chicago Midwinter Meeting, APDC, etc. When you take the time to extend an honor to a deserving dentist you can extend that honor by being present at their induction ceremony.