Morinosuke Chiwaki


Morinosuke Chiwaki

Tokyo, Japan — 1870-1947

True Leader of Modern Dentistry in Japan

Morinosuke Chlwaki was born on February 1, 1870 and spent his boyhood in Tokyo where he was educated at Keiogijuku (now the Keio University). He graduated from the institution in 1889 and entered the Takayama Dental School in 1893, In 1895 Chiwaki qualified for a dentist and after three years, went to China where he practiced dentistry in Peking and Shanghai. He came back to Japan in 1899 and in 1900 he succeeded Dr. Kisai Takayama, who was the Dean and a founder of the Takayama Dental School. The name of the institution was changed to Tokyo Dental School (later again changed to the Tokyo Dental College).

Dr. Chiwaki was the Dean of the institution until his retirement in 1943, He was zealously devoting his untiring efforts toward improving the institution which stands today as a unique monument to his indefatigable energy and sacrifices. Dr. Chiwaki began his dental practice in Tokyo in 1900 and continued for a period of fourteen years while the Dean of the school until 1914. Since then he had devoted time and efforts to dental education and to organized dentistry which at that time was in its infant stage in Japan.

In 1903 he and his friends founded the All Japan Dentists’ Society and Dr. Chiwaki was on the managing committee. He was chiefly responsible in bringing about the promulgation of the Dental Law in 1906, in accordance with which the standard of dental education and practice was established.

Since its founding. the All Japan Dentists’ Society has had many alterations and amendments in its constitution. It stands today under the name of the Japan Dental Association, membership in which was compulsory for all dental practitioners until the end of World War 11. Dr. Chiwaki became the president of the Assoclation in 1919 and continued in that position until 1946. In addition, Dr. Chiwaki was a committee member of various government organizations, representing the dental profession. He was on the committee of the Central Board of Health and the Investigation Board of Social Insurance. He was also representing the profession on the Board of Promotion and Investigation of Pharmacies in the Home Office, as well as on the School Hygiene Investigation Board in the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Chlwaki began editing and publishing the Shikwa Gakuho in 1895, a Journal, for which he was chief editor until his retirement in 1943, The Journal is the oldest of its kind and a valuable journal in the academic field in Japan.

Dr. Chlwaki was president of the Japan Odontological Society for four years from 1912 to 1916. During this period he was also president of the dental section of the 4th Japan Medical Congress. In recognition of his services to the dental profession, he was decorated by the Emperor with the Fifth Degree of the Sacred Treasure in 1924. He was eminently commended for his splendid services to the educational world by the Minister of Education in 1928. Dr. Chiwaki was eagerly interested in the welfare and progress of the International Dental Federation since its infant days and was for many years on the Executive Committee of that body representing Japan, He was the president of the Japanese National Committee.

Dr. Chiwaki was elected an honorary member of the French Dental Association in 1908 and of the Paris Dental Society in 1922. He was an honorary president of the 7th and the 8th International Dental Congress in 1926 and 1931 respectively. Dr. Chiwaki traveled extensively around the world in 1922. During the trip he came in contact with many eminent dental educators ih Europe and the U.S.A. Loyola Uiniversity of Chicago conferred on him the Honorary Degree of L.L.D., through the American Ambassador in Tokyo in 1925. Among the busts of world famous dental celebrities exhibited at the Chicago Centennial Dental Congress held in 1933, was that of Dr. Chiwaki in addition to the following others: Drs. Fauchard, Black, Brophy, Fonzi, Harris, Marmnery, Nfiller and Tomes. This was a most deserving tribute to the worthy of Dr. Morinosuke Chiwaki.