Pierre Fauchard Academy - An International Honor Dental Organization

Our mission as Fellows in the Pierre Fauchard Academy is to recognize and develop outstanding leadership in our profession, internationally.

Pierre Fauchard Academy

Our mission as Fellows in the Pierre Fauchard Academy is to recognize and develop outstanding leadership in our profession, internationally.


Dr. James Branson Willmott

Toronto, Ontario Canada — 1837-1915 Dr. Willmott's singular importance to the profession of dentistry in Ontario Canada was his visionary development of dental education. Within his lifetime he forged and elevated the unregulated itinerant dental tradesman of the 1860s to a Canadian Dental Professional status of recognized academic standing and international reputation by 1915. Willmott provided the solid foundation in which the profession evolved in Canada...

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Dr. Jeanne Sinkford

Dr. Jeanne Sinkford A, 2022 inductee is an American dentist and academic administrator. She was the first female dean of an American dental school. She is a senior scholar in residence at the American Dental Education Association and a professor and dean emeritus at the dental school of Howard University. Sinkford was born in 1933, one of four sisters who all went on to attend college.

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Dr. Arthur Dugoni

A 2022 inductee was a legend in the field of dental education, he served as dean of the Dugoni School from 1978 to 2006. His prior roles at the school included serving as assistant professor of operative dentistry; assistant professor of pediatric dentistry; assistant professor of orthodontics; chairman of the department of orthodontics; associate professor of orthodontics; and professor of orthodontics.

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Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor

Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor A 2021 inductee was an American school teacher and a dentist, known for being the first woman to graduate from dental school (Ohio College of Dental Surgery in 1866). She was originally denied admittance to the Eclectic Medical College in Cincinnati, Ohio owing to her gender. Due to this, a professor in the college agreed to tutor her and encouraged her to practice dentistry. Once again, she applied to a dentistry school, this time Ohio College of Dentistry.

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Dr. Horace Henry Hayden

Baltimore, Maryland — 1769-1844 Dr. Hayden was born on October 13, 1769 at Windsor, Connecticut. After working as a cabin boy, carpenter, architect, and schoolteacher , influenced by John Greenwood, he turned to dentistry as a career. In 1800, Dr. Hayden began a dental practice in Baltimore Maryland. He was well versed in anatomy, physiology, and the medical sciences. Dr. Hayden was issued a license by the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland in 1810, the first for the practice of dentistry in America..

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Rafiuddin Ahmed

Bardhanpara, East Bengal, India — 1890-1965 Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed was born on December 24, 1890, in Bardhanpara, East Bengal, India. He graduated from Aligarh University in 1908. By the next year, he left for the United States by working his passage over.He enrolled in the University of Iowa School of Dentistry, earning his dental degree in 1915. Dr. Ahmed then worked in the Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children in Boston, Massachusetts, until 1918. In 1919, he returned to India to open a dental practice in Calcutta...

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Dr. Thomas P. Hinman

Atlanta, Georgia — 1870-1931 Dr. Hinman was born in Stratford , Ontario Canada, on March 4th 1870. His parents moved to Atlanta in 1871. He received his early education in the public schools of Atlanta. He received his D.D.S. degree in 1891 from the Southern Medical College in Atlanta. Dr. Hinman from his earliest days in practice, became closely identified with the educational phase of dentistry. When the National Dental Association was reorganized in 1922, he became a member of the Board of Trustees. He also served the Association as President in 1926 (now known as the ADA).

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Maynard K. Hine

Indianapolis, Indiana — 1907-1996 Dr. Maynard Kiplinger Hine was one of the nation's most innovative pioneers in dental education, respected authorities in dental science, and distinguished leaders of organized dentistry. Dr. Hine was the son of general practitioner Clyde Hine, of Tuscola, Illinois. Maynard was reared after his birth in Waterloo, Indiana, in DeKalb County. In addition to his dental degree (University of Illinois, 1930) Maynard earned an MS degree from the University of Illinois (1932)...

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Thomas W. Evans

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — 1823-1897 Thomas W. Evans was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 23, 1823, a descendant of a family of Welsh Quakers. He received a common school education and, at the age of fourteen, became an apprentice to a gold and silver-smith in Philadelphia whose business included also the manufacture of instruments used by dentists. This employment brought young Evans into contact with leading dentists of that period and created his desire to enter the profession of dentistry.

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Morinosuke Chiwaki

Tokyo, Japan — 1870-1947 Morinosuke Chlwaki was born on February 1, 1870 and spent his boyhood in Tokyo where he was educated at Keiogijuku (now the Keio University). He graduated from the institution in 1889 and entered the Takayama Dental School in 1893, In 1895 Chiwaki qualified for a dentist and after three years, went to China where he practiced dentistry in Peking and Shanghai. He came back to Japan in 1899 and in 1900 he succeeded Dr. Kisai Takayama, who was the Dean and a founder of the Takayama Dental School. The name of the institution was changed to Tokyo Dental School (later again changed to the Tokyo Dental College).

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